Author: Glenda Bell

The Importance of Starting Your Little One In Music From An Early Age

There are many benefits attributed to Children’s Musicalization, just as much has also been talked about, researched, written and disseminated on the subject. After all, it is undeniable how much music education is capable of bringing benefits to children’s development.

To musicalize is to bring the child closer to the sound universe. It is to prepare her for a future musical initiation that can occur when she begins to learn to play an instrument individually, in a group or even sing solo or in a choir.

Regardless of whether or not the little one will follow the musical path, the introduction to this language brings benefits from an early age, such as the development of the two hemispheres of the brain, the activation of neurons, the motor and social development, the aid in the process of language acquisition and cognitive development as a whole. This means that a child who goes through a process of musicalization (which is not just about musical recreation) is more attentive, more sociable, makes mental connections more easily, communicates better, is less stressed, more concentrated, learns to cooperate, interact, wait and so on …

After all, is it positive to learn to play a musical instrument from an early age?

Like musicalization, musical initiation on an instrument or even in singing is very positive for the child. It is worth remembering that it is important to be attentive and talk to specialized professionals in the field so that the ideal age to start on each instrument is respected.

All the benefits mentioned are experienced more intensely when learning a musical instrument. Gains such as discipline, concentration, self-esteem, persistence and motor coordination are very apparent. But the biggest benefit, in addition to learning music itself as a form of language, is in the child learning to emotionally self-regulate through music. Agitated children are calmer, the devoted ones are more attentive, the saddened ones are more cheerful. And this, in addition to being a beautiful process to see, takes for life.